Bringing Middle Europe to the Middle West, Bohemian House (11 W. Illinois St., no phone yet) plans a River North opening for the end of May.

“We’re celebrating Bohemian culture—how they have traveled through the U. S. and Europe,” says Jim Papadopoulos, the executive chef. “Bohemian culture is rooted in connections.” Papadopoulos, 28, worked previously at DeLaCosta and then for six years at the Schaumburg steak house Sam & Harry’s, finishing as chef de cuisine.

Simple European dishes with a twist will make up BoHo's menu, such as a sour-cream based spaetzle that will assume seasonal flavors like English pea and bacon or chard and tomato. Papadopoulos says the menu will divide into small and large plates, mentioning smalls such as salt and vinegar chips as well as larges such as skirt steak schnitzel and smoked pork chops. Desserts run along the lines of coffee and doughnuts, kolackys, and apple strudel. “I think we can sex it up using local apples and buttermilk ice cream,” he says.

A casual atmosphere conceived by the designer Bill Ewert (Sunda, Rockit) and some communal tables will allow for conversation. Papadopoulos promises soft music you don’t have to yell over. The decor will have an eclectic feel, he says.

Aha—a Bohemian rhapsody.