A new entrant in the competition for favorite bar with an antique-sounding female name (watch out, Matilda), the Betty (839 W. Fulton Market, West Loop, no phone yet) has hooked up with a high-proof name to head its cocktail program: Peter Vestinos. Vestinos carried the flag in the classic-cocktail vanguard from his post at Sepia and developed drink menus for Naha, Nomi, BellyQ, and, most recently, the Winchester.

At the Betty, he plans to run the day-to-day of the beverage program, using the same principles he does at his consulting gigs, matching the drinks to the food, the room, and the neighborhood. “The bar and cocktails are going to be a little bit more gin-focused,” he says. “It plays into the feel of the room.” He says juices and syrups will generally be made in-house.

The Betty, first announced in June, is scheduled to open by late December. 'Til we get familiar with her in person, we feel like maybe we ought to be calling her the Elizabeth.