Monday, December 7

Celebrate Hanukkah by stuffing your face with the special edition Hanukoncrete, a vanilla custard, strawberry purée, and glazed doughnut concoction at Shake Shack (multiple area locations, see The treat, inspired by the jelly-filled holiday pastries called sufganiyot, is available through Monday, December 14.

Or you can go the boozy route for your eight nights of celebration. At Fountainhead (1970 W. Montrose Ave., Ravenswood, 773-697-8204), they’ll have a different take on Begyle Brewing’s Dr. Dreidel’s Imperial Chanukah Porter. Tonight’s is infused with espresso beans, and if you’d like to sample all eight versions, swing by on Sunday night for the release of a barrel-aged varietal.

Tuesday, December 8

Relive your Exile in Guyville feelings at Ada Street (1664 N. Ada St., Industrial Corridor, 773-697-7069). The weekly program has a local tastemaker—in this case, Gapers Block music editor Sarah Brooks—select an album that will be played start-to-finish on the restaurant’s record player. You can eat dinner to the sound of Liz Phair’s iconic album starting at 5:30 p.m.

Saturday, December 12

Sample your new favorite seasonal spirit at Crown Liquors (2821 N. Milwaukee Ave., Logan Square, 773-252-9741). For $40, you’ll pick a liquor and go to town on some giftable bottles, all while enjoying food from chef Rodney Staton (Haywood Tavern) and utilizing a special store discount to stock up. Call the bar to sign up for the event, which runs from 2 to 5 p.m.

Sunday, December 13

Brush up on your buche de Noël baking skills at MK (868 N. Franklin St., River North, 312-482-9179), where pastry chef Lisa Bonjour will lead guests in a lesson on prepping the French Christmas cake. The $20 class price includes a take-home baking mix and recipe, but you can get in for free if you stay for dinner afterwards. E-mail by Friday to secure your spot.