The second location of Parson’s Chicken and Fish opened yesterday in Lincoln Park. Located at 2435 North Halsted Street, the new location features over 100 seats, additional bleacher seating, a patio (once spring comes), and yes — a full set of boozy slushies just like the original Parson’s has.


My colleague John Kessler published a thought-provoking and wide-reaching article, in which he argues that the Chicago restaurant scene has lost some of its luster. It led to a flood of responses from various food writers around town. Ashok Selvam, writing in Eater, called the piece “infuriating” while Nick Kindelsperger at the Tribune agreed with one of Kessler’s points but took issue with the rest. Plenty of chefs and restaurant owners also took to Facebook to voice their agreement with the article, and on Twitter, basically every food writer in the city (and beyond) seemed to have something to say. Whether you agree with Kessler or not, it’s worth a read.

Here’s a super notable chef shuffle: At Roister, chef Andrew Brochu is out after years of acclaimed cooking — he’s leaving to open his own place. For now, Dan Perretta, the chef at the Aviary, is taking over. That’s not the only news to come out of the Alinea Group: Nick Dostal, formerly of Sixteen, has joined it for an as-yet-unannounced job. Watch this space.

Are you tired of the “What is a sandwich” debate that seems to rage across social media occasionally? I sure am, so when I saw this awesome website called “The Cube Rule,” I sent it to literally everyone I know. The Rule identifies what type of food something is by the location of the starch. For example, if the starch is on the bottom, it’s toast; if it’s on the top and bottom, the food item is a sandwich. This leads to hilarious taxonomic fun (sushi is toast, under this nomenclature) which will bring at least five minutes of happiness to your day.