It doesn’t seem so long ago that it was hard to find a good dinner next to the park in the Loop. Now, with Henri and the Gage already staking out territory there, Alpana Singh throws her hat into the Michigan Avenue ring, which is actually more of a straight line than a ring.

Singh, the former host of Check, Please! and the current owner of the restaurant the Boarding House, signed a lease at 122 South Michigan Avenue, just north of the Bennigan’s at the corner with Adams Street. She says she knows the restaurant will serve lunch and dinner, feature wine prominently, and cater to an after-work crowd and Art Institute visitors. Other details—such as name, chef, and cuisine—remain undetermined.

“Our hope is to open this year, but knowing how things run with construction . . .” Singh trails off. As do we. The only phrase we type more often than “delayed opening” is “pork belly.”