Following in the allusive (not to mention ampersanded) footsteps of Longman & Eagle, The General Restaurant & Mercantile (2528 N. California Ave.) plans a May opening in Logan Square. Named for Gen. John A. Logan of the eponymous square (Longman is named for the square’s central statue and its sculptor), The General will divide and conquer with a taco-barbecue fusion restaurant and a boutique market.

The 60-seat restaurant half of the General will smoke meats in-house and serve them with homemade tortillas and salsas. Chef Anthony Mugica put in several years in South Carolina learning barbecue before moving to Chicago and working at Echo and catering for touring rock bands. The owners also plan cocktail pairings for all the tacos, using house-made syrups and bitters.

The store half of the General will sell staples such as milk and eggs, seasonal produce, and local artisanal products. Also sourcing locally, the General draws elements of its decor from wood reclaimed from nearby home renovations, such as wainscoting from the 1940s. Work in the space restored the pressed-tin ceiling. “We need something that respects the community and is homegrown,” says Eric Ganz, a partner.

He says the General will have the look of an old-time general store. We appreciate that kind of punning. That’s just a general admission.