Once again, there were no significant openings this week (not surprising, as not many operators would choose to launch a restaurant in the middle of a frozen January). One notable chef shuffle, however: Chef Ashlee Aubin, the excellent culinary talent behind the now-shuttered Salero, has taken over the kitchen at Fisk & C0.


It’s almost too cold to care about restaurant news, so here are some tips for things to do in the frigid mess that is upon us:

Go somewhere with a fireplace

If you venture out, you need to go somewhere cozy. Check out Eater’s list of best restaurants and bars with fireplaces (my favorites are The Grafton and Owen & Engine), but be sure to call ahead, as many restaurants are already announcing closures due to the cold.

Stay home and make soup

I recently made this delicious Dijon and cognac beef stew, and it’s the perfect thing to perfume your home during the deep freeze.

Order in (and tip well)

Check out our feature on where to order the best takeout. Once again, call to confirm that restaurants are open — and if you don’t tip well when it’s negative 40º, there’s a special punishment coming your way.

Speaking of ordering in, Off Premise (1128 W. Armitage Ave.), the Lincoln Park wine and spirits store focusing on natural wines, is launching its online shop this week. Check out the selection of spirits, including the single-barrel selection, and use the code SOFTLAUNCH for a 10 percent discount. The online store is still in its opening phase, so if the code doesn’t work, stop by and visit.

If you’re looking for another great downtown lunch option, head to Revival Food Hall on February 4, where Chef Bill Kim’s Urbanbelly will be popping up for a few months. He won’t be serving ramen (as Furious Spoon already has a location there); instead, look for dumplings, rice bowls, and Thai fried chicken.