The fantasy of having Mindy Segal-made baked goods on a whim was dashed earlier this month, when the doyenne of HotChocolate (1747 N. Damen Ave., Bucktown, 773-489-1747) decided to scrap plans for her long-awaited Logan Square bakery. A sad day for the city’s cookie enthusiasts, to be certain.

But there’s good news. In lieu of a stand-alone spot, her Bucktown flagship has added a morning bakery component—and you should go, now, before this still-hidden gem gets totally overrun.

Options include bourbon sugar-crusted croissants, creamy mini-quiches, and all kinds of cookies, plus lattes with flavor-infused milks and cups of chai, either for take-out or for lingering in the adorable dining room. We particularly liked the coffee cake (pictured above) stuffed with strawberry jam and a flaky fruit tart.

One small catch: The treats are on offer only Tuesday through Friday mornings, from 7 a.m. until they sell out. Still, they’re worth a morning-commute detour—and picking up a couple of chocolate-almond rugalach for your boss is an excellent way to apologize for running a little late.