Price Point: $11 for the pulled pork sandwich at the Boathouse Cafe

The recently opened Boathouse Cafe (1301 N. Humboldt Blvd., 773-243-9511; completely lives up to its name. It's located on the large patio of a historic boathouse in the middle of Humboldt Park, and features an approachable menu, including a number of sandwiches. But even if you’re familiar with the park and the large lagoon, the view still impresses, providing the most calming and tranquil spot to dine in the neighborhood.

But what about the food? The pulled pork sandwich, which arrives topped with crunchy coleslaw, is more than good enough, as long as you understand that this isn’t even trying to be proper barbecue. This is the kind of Midwestern pulled pork I grew up on: finely shredded and aggressively seasoned, with a fair bit of sweetness to balance the heat. The fries on the side, meanwhile, require no explanation to get down. Crisp and golden, they would be worth checking out even if the restaurant wasn't at such a beautiful site.