Arun Sampanthavivat’s follow-up to his eponymous Thai restaurant is finally here (only a few years behind schedule.) Taste of Thai Town (4461 N. Pulaski Ave., Albany Park, 773-299-7888), located in a one-time police station, is a more affordable, relaxed alternative to the longstanding higher-end spot.

The second floor of the raucous dance hall Slippery Slope is now an attraction in its own right. The Heavy Feather (2357 N. Milwaukee Ave., Logan Square, 773-799-8504) is a take on the retro “fern bar,” and it comes complete with ’70s-era-appropriate cocktails such as the grasshopper (made with ice cream and cognac).

Pacific Northwesterners, there’s a new taste of home in Lake View. Glaze Teriyaki Grill (3112 N. Broadway, 773-698-8669) does Seattle-style teriyaki, and though it was founded by a native Seattleite, it’s actually a New York–based mini-chain making its first foray into our region.


Because any day can be improved by adding fried chicken and Champagne to it, Lush Wine & Spirits (1412 W. Chicago Ave., West Town, 312-666-6900) is adding a weekly special spotlighting the pairing on Mondays from here on out. An order of the bird will run you $18; the cost of the bubbly depends on what you’re in the mood for but the price will be 25 percent lower than normal.