At its new Bucktown location, Goddess and Grocer (1649 N. Damen Ave., 773-342-3200) could easily add a third G to its name: gathering. In its move across the street from its current home at 1646 N. Damen, the deli, bakery, and market will acquire a second floor with 60 indoor seats and 20 outdoors.

“Goddess was primarily supposed to be takeout,” says Debbie Sharpe, the founder of the Goddess Restaurant Group. She didn’t foresee people wanting to linger to eat, but responding to the demand, she acknowledged that Goddess had outgrown its space.

The larger location also allows space for a meat counter with fresh meats marinated for home cooking, a self-serve salad bar (“but it will look lovely,” Sharpe says), and a daily roast at a carving station.

The move is currently scheduled for late April, closing 1646 the night before and opening 1649 the next day. That sounds so taxing, it reminds us of two other Gs: good grief.