The houses are studded with currants and the streets run with lemon curd in Scone City (1632 W. Division St., 773-904-8722), a new coffee shop and scone specialist coming soon to Wicker Park. Unlike many people’s mental picture of scones like paving stones, though, the owners promise light, buttery versions, in sweet and savory flavors.

Jess Canning, who owns Scone City with her husband, Tim, says they started selling the scones at the farmers’ market in Downers Grove, where Tim co-owns Lemon Tree Grocer. “We started selling breakfast sandwiches and produce, and our pastry chef put in some scones,” she says. “And [the scones] started selling. Five, then 10, then 50. A couple of weekends we sold 200.” The scones will be baked at Lemon Tree and transported to Scone City, at least to start. In the Division Street building, which was a dairy barn 100 years ago, Tim Canning is developing a restaurant concept in the back, and they hope the kitchen can portion out a space for the pastry chef/sconeista, Laurie McNamara.

Eight to ten scone varieties will be featured daily, with sweets like triple chocolate or blueberry with lemon glaze and savories like hot dog or Brie and honey. Scone-buyers can add on options such as clotted cream, lemon curd, and salted caramel drizzle. Coffee comes from HalfWit Coffee Roasters. 

Look for Scone City to start serving on April 1.