Greenwood (200 Greenbay Rd., Highwood) is now open and ready for guests. From the same team that opened the acclaimed Ballaro in 2015, Greenwood is a bit less formal and focused on classic American dishes.

If you like taquitos, Kite String Cantina (1851 W. Addison St.) is for you. The new Roscoe Village spot focuses on bubbly cocktails and Mexican food.


It took a cool million dollars and a few months of work, but Miller’s Pub, one of Chicago’s beloved icons, is now back open for business. The spot closed in January in order to expand into the space next door.

Your heart might not be able to take the strain, but the Trib has done a huge roundup of all the best fried foods in Chicago. Everything from empanadas to fried shrimp is included in this massive feature, and there are even tips on a few off-menu items at places you might not have been.

One thing a new brand should avoid doing when entering the Chicago market? Insult Chicago. Unfortunately, Dog Haus kinda stepped in it when they issued their first press release bragging about being “Chicago’s first gourmet hot dog restaurant concept.” Uh oh, the home of Hot Doug’s isn’t going to like hearing that. Luckily, the restaurant retracted the statement, telling Eater Chicago that “we made the absolute würst mistake when we referred to ourselves as such.”  The restaurant opens in Lakeview on Saturday.