Starting tonight, soup's up at the latest noodle joint in town: Brendan Sodikoff's High Five Ramen (112 N. Green St., West Loop, no phone). We got our hands on the opening menu, and well, brace yourself.

The namesake High Five Ramen is a traditional tonkotsu broth (think fatty and porky) spiked with numbing pepper and Japanese chilies—as the menu states, you can expect "suffering, sweating, discomfort, and a creeping feeling of deep regret" thanks to all that heat (and, if that's not enough, there's a "Demon's Club" version that amps up the spiciness.) But all your torment will be followed by "pure sensory euphoria." So there's that. 

Spice-averse eaters can order the bowl with a scaled-back sprinkling of chilies, or none at all, or go for the special ramen with clams. Whatever your choice, you can wash it down with a giant "Canzilla" of Asahi beer, or one of a couple of sweet cocktail slushies.

High Five opens at 6 p.m., and the entrance is the first door on the left off the alley adjacent to the building—or just follow the stinging sensation in your nose.