The latest in the line of entertainment-themed megabars is now open in River North. At Flight Club (see what they did there?) you can play in 14 different dart areas, drink cocktails by Peter Vestinos and munch on food by chef Rick Gresh.


At Monday’s James Beard Award celebrations, there was a ton of glitz, glamour and restaurant celebrity, but … not a ton of love for Chicago. The only Chicago chef to get any attention was Abe Conlon of Fat Rice, who got a long-awaited (and well deserved) win as Best Chef: Great Lakes.

Are you a fan of Italian Beef? Well, there’s finally an event just for you—the Inaugural Italian Beef Fest is coming on May 26. The event isn’t that big yet (three shops, including Buona, Mr. Beef and Al’s are participating), but the price is right—$30 for three Italian beefs and three Revolution beers.