With a name like Apogee, it's only fitting that this River North cocktail bar sits at the very top of the Dana Hotel. Seats are aplenty at this chic space, which spills out onto an open-air lounge that offers plush chairs and a view you'll want to Instagram.

Even though we visited on a gloomy, chilly day, the outdoor area was bustling with a fair amount of folks clearly keen to enjoy at least one drink outdoors. A sleek, glass-encased fire pit provided some warmth, although the cocktails, presumably, helped as well. Indoors, the vibe was relaxed, with casual bar-goers mingling among hotel guests.

Apogee serves a wide variety of drinks, including some whimsical, shareable cocktails that fittingly take libations to new heights. Of note is the vodka-based "Mr. Nice Guy," which is served in none other than a glass bong and infused with seductive hop smoke. For fans of gin, "Macrodose"—which blends watermelon and fresh herbs—arrives in a mushroom-shaped vessel fitted with color-changing LED lights.

Like its nautical-themed neighbor, Leviathan, Apogee might be slightly out-of-the-way for some. But this location works in its favor, keeping its setting chill even when the crowd begins to swell as the sky darkens.

Here's what we saw when we stopped by: