The Wonka-esque sugary wonderland known as Dylan's Candy Bar (445 N. Michigan Ave., Magnificent Mile, 312-702-2247) opened its doors this week, and we couldn't stop ourselves from gleefully raiding their candy bins for some sugary snacks. It doesn't help, of course, that the place is located right next door to our office and we harbor some serious affection for gummies, of which the place stocks a serious selection. (It also comes with a serious price tag–you're looking at $14.99 a pound for those gummy worms.)

We went in with the mission of finding some of the funkiest variants on the gummy, of which they have plenty–in addition to all manner of bears and drops, we found plenty of beasts, body parts, and decorative objects. Here's a selection of our favorites.

Some not-so-creepy centipedes.

Chicken feet, because why not?

Pigs and eggs, a composition we like to call "Green Eggs and Ham."

An assortment of Christmas-y goodies: green-capped Santas, thematically appropriate candy corn, and giant lightbulbs.

Gummy teeth, all in dire need of braces.

Fruit-flavored 'staches.

We may have gone a little, um, overboard with this last aquatic-themed scene on the combination of the last Friday before a holiday and a serious sugar high. Clockwise from top right: fruity penguins, whales, a shark, Swedish fish, lobsters, and octopi (note, however, that due to some sort of horrible sugary mutation, they only seem to have seven legs.)