Open now: RIP, M. Henrietta, but at least the space didn’t stay empty for too long as it’s now home to the Revival Social Club (1133 W. Granville Ave., Edgewater, 773-293-6435). There’s a little bit of everything happening at the new spot—craft cocktails, pour-over coffee, and French toast.

Friday, November 14: Is the vicinity of Northwestern Memorial Hospital due for a doughnut war? Stan’s Donuts is set to open up its second storefront (259 E. Erie St., Streeterville, 312-255-1130), which is within frying distance of Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken (233 E. Erie.)


You may have noticed in the list of Michelin-starred spots up above, there was a notable omission—for yet another year, Next (953 W. Fulton Market, West Loop, 312-226-0858) was shut out. Eater checked in with Michelin Guide director Michael Ellis about this particular issue, and Ellis defended the decision this way: “It's a fascinating concept, it's brilliant, it's astounding, you never know what you're going to get and that's the problem.” Then again, do you ever know what you’re going to get when you go to any restaurant?

Things are not looking good for Endgrain (1851 W. Addison St., Roscoe Village), which announced this week that the restaurant would be closed until further notice. You will have to look elsewhere to satisfy your doughscuit cravings (the doughnut-biscuit hybrid concocted by chef Enoch Simpson and company). Not sure where, though.

Witness the rebirth of Little Goat Bread as Little Goat Bakery (820 W. Randolph St., West Loop, 312-888-3455) as of today, with an unsurprising new focus on sweet treats (they’re the only spot in town to get a Wookie Pie, which is like a whoopie pie but with malted buttermilk chocolate cream filling and a way better name).

Next year, the Goddess and Grocer will return to the Gold Coast, in a former Homemade Pizza Co. location at 1127 N. State St. Look for the prepared-foods-heavy edition of the store to open up around late January.