This weekend, the late organic eatery Browntrout will reopen as pop-up diner Trout Kitchen (4111 N. Lincoln Ave., North Center), a vessel for owner Sean Sanders’s rotating twice-a-month dinners.

After six years of the same at Browntrout, Sanders says his Trout Kitchen pop-ups (dubbed and hashtagged #TKPopups) will be crafted on the fly and seldom repeated. “If we plan it too far ahead,” he says, “we’ll think about it too much, and it won’t be a pop-up.” Accordingly, he’s cobbled together a dozen-item menu of affordable diner food ($14 at most) including a deep-fried Monte Cristo sandwich, a potato herb frittata, and a whole lotta pies (chocolate mousse, apple, pumpkin). He’s also crafted an equally greasy kids’ menu (grilled cheese, cheeseburgers), and, for all ages, some wonky desserts (spiced apple soda with…cheddar cheese ice cream?). Beer, wine, and boozy floats will also flow, and as always, Sanders’s ingredients are organic and locally sourced.

Trout Kitchen’s pop-up will run from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, after which Sanders’s pie- and cheese-heavy menu will fade into memory. If you can’t make it, he’ll throw another #TKPopup in two weeks, then another two weeks after that—but by then, who knows what sort of drinkable desserts he’ll be slinging.