Macku Chan, best known for his sushi at Macku Sushi and Kaze before that, took an if-you-can’t-beat-’em-join-’em attitude toward his Vietnamese restaurant Vu Sua. “Because a lot of our clients were coming into Vu Sua knowing me as Macku, people automatically were wanting sushi,” he says. He closed Vu Sua and morphed it into Macku Signature (2925 N. Halsted St., 773-360-8816), which opened October 11.

Chan imported the menu from Macku Sushi, with a few additions such as a whole-fish rock bream sashimi appetizer with an oba-leaf wrap, pine nuts, ginger buds, and kimchi miso for dipping.

Macku Signature also offers live jazz on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. “Nobody in Chicago has live jazz music with sushi,” Chan says. Guess everyone’s been playing Phish instead.