Come early November, Evanston's former DMK Burger & Fish will emerge from the shadows as Arlen's Chicken (815 Noyes St., Evanston, 847-424-8226), the latest laid-back eatery from the Lake View burger buffs.

The restaurant, if you couldn't tell, will be a fried chicken place, and the concept is so simple there's little else to say. Chef Britt Arlen of Fish Bar contributed the chicken recipe (and got the spot named after him in the process) after winning a chicken cook-off with various DMK chefs. The restaurant will serve "super cheap" variations on the chicken nugget fried alongside Tater Tots and available in an array of flavor profiles. "Generation Z loves the Chipotle model, where they can customize within certain parameters," says Morton. "We're very excited about the often overlooked but much beloved chicken nugget."

Drinks-wise, Arlen's will serve sweet tea, and by popular demand, DMK's chocolate, vanilla, espresso, peanut butter, and toasted marshmallow shakes. In fact, Arlen's will be the only DMK location where you can get the toasted marshmallow flavor year-round. Everything will be packed to go ("in those Asian food containers," says Morton), as the space itself holds only about 20 seats. And for the diehard fried-chicken lovers, breakfast sandwiches on biscuits are in the works.