I don’t think I’d had a juice box since elementary school — that is, until a recent visit to Lone Wolf Tavern, where we ordered the Old Dog, New Tricks. The drink comes in a Lucky Dog Sake box, with brightly colored artwork of a waving dog (inspired by the waving golden Lucky Cat figure you see everywhere). The box isn’t just cute: It also happens to hold the perfect fall cocktail, with sake, tequila, apple cider, honey, and lemon ($14).

"When I saw this sake that came in a juice box, I knew I had to create a cocktail to go inside of it,” says Kristina Magro, Lone Wolf’s general manager. “Sake and apples are always a good pairing, and when I think of fall, like most of us, I think of apple cider.”

Magro poured the sake out of the box, then batched the rest of the ingredients into the cocktail.

“I paired it with the Roof Crop's local honey, which drives home the floral notes and complements the tequila backbone of the drink perfectly,” she says.

To finish the drink, she pours the mixed cocktail back in the box so it’s ready to go. The format also came with an added bonus — it was a bustling night at Lone Wolf, and a boxed cocktail is an easy thing to drink at a crowded bar.