CBD Gummies for Anxiety: 5 Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety Relief

If anxious thoughts are ruining your day or keeping you up at night, CBD gummies for anxiety can help. Infused with CBD, a natural remedy derived from the hemp plant, these tasty gummies can help manage symptoms such as racing thoughts and sweaty palms. Take them in the morning to help you confidently face the day or in the evening to ensure a good night’s rest.

CBD gummies for anxiety have become quite popular, and there are plenty of flavors and formulas to pick from. To help you make a smart selection, we tried the most popular CBD gummies and selected five top brands we know our readers will love.

Summary of the Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety

  1. Best Overall: CBDfx Mixed Berry Gummies
  2. Best for Daytime Anxiety: Tommy Chong’s Hemp Cheech & Chong’s Cruise Chews
  3. Best Vegan Option: Cornbread Hemp Gummies
  4. Best For Evening Anxiety: Budpop Full Spectrum CBD Gummies
  5. Best Tasting: Soul CBD Gummies

Benefits of CBD Gummies

  • Anxiety relief: CBD gummies help manage anxiety symptoms, including rumination, jitteriness, a rapid heartbeat, sweating, and restlessness. They can even help reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorders such as PTSD and SAD.
  • Stress management: Taking CBD gummies in the morning may help you with stress at work or home. 
  • Better sleep: People who struggle with sleeplessness often find they drift off quietly after taking CBD gummies. 
  • Physical relaxation: CBD gummies may ease muscle tension to help combat neck stiffness, headaches, and other physical manifestations of anxiety.
  • Pain relief: Pain and anxiety often go hand-in-hand. CBD may help ease pain due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, or another health condition.

Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety

1. Best Overall: CBDfx Mixed Berry Gummies

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How Well It Works:

CBDfx Mixed Berry Gummies are a delicious, versatile remedy that you can use, day or night, for anxiety relief. These gummies are made with broad-spectrum CBD, containing terpenes and minor cannabinoids for a potent effect. However, since they are THC-free, they should not make you feel too groggy in the daytime.

Customers love the lightly sweet and fruity flavor of these gummies. Since they’re vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free, they fit a variety of dietary needs. The recommended dose is two gummies, but plenty of customers get relief from just one.

Consumers say these gummies start working after about 30 minutes. Once the CBD kicks in, many enjoy feeling mentally relaxed and focused. Some customers take a gummy every morning to confidently start the day. Others save these gummies for particularly stressful days.

CBDfx frequently shares discount codes in a banner on the top of their website. They also have a loyalty program through which customers can earn points and save on future purchases.


  • Vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free
  • THC-free
  • Lab-verified potency
  • Made from organic hemp


  • Texture may be too firm for some


  • CBD type: Broad spectrum CBD
  • Sizing: 60 gummies/container
  • Strength: 25 mg/gummy, 50 mg/gummy, 100 mg/gummy
  • Flavor: Mixed Berry

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2. Best for Daytime Anxiety: Tommy Chong’s Hemp Cheech & Chong’s Cruise Chews

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How Well It Works:

When you take CBD gummies during the day, you want them to make you feel relaxed yet alert. That’s exactly what Tommy Chong’s Hemp Cheech & Chong Cruise Chews can do for you. Customers say these gummies help with everyday anxiety symptoms such as sweaty palms and a queasy stomach. They are popular among those with social anxiety disorder and with those who feel nervous or stressed at work.

Cheech & Chong’s Cruise Chews come in a plastic jar with a fun, retro label. They contain CBD from the high-quality U.S.-grown hemp plants and are scientifically formulated to support optimal health.

Customers enjoy the assorted fruit flavors of these CBD gummies. The light sugar coating makes them even tastier. While they do have a slight hemp flavor, it is not overwhelming and does not linger.

Tommy Chong’s Hemp often offers discounts on these full-spectrum CBD gummies when you order from their website. They offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on this and their other products.


  • Made from U.S.-grown hemp
  • Lab-tested
  • Multiple flavors in every jar
  • Fun, retro packaging


  • Only available in one strength


  • CBD type: Full spectrum CBD
  • Sizing: 30 gummies/container
  • Strength: 33 mg/gummy
  • Flavor: Assorted Fruit Flavors

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3. Best Vegan Option: Cornbread Hemp Gummies

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How Well It Works:

If you follow a vegan diet, we recommend trying Cornbread Hemp Gummies for anxiety relief. These full-spectrum CBD gummies are made without gelatin. They’re also free from all artificial colors and are labeled USDA Organic.

Cornbread tests its in third-pary labs CBD to ensure they are free from contaminants and guarantee CBD potency. The company recommends taking one gummy per serving, but some customers enjoy ample anxiety relief from half a gummy.

Several reviewers enjoy consuming these gummies every morning and night to manage chronic, ongoing anxiety symptoms. Others only take these gummies when their anxiety starts to flare up. Customers say the full spectrum formula makes them feel relaxed and can help them sleep better at night but does not make them too drowsy to function in the daytime.

Cornbread often offers discounts on orders over a certain total. They also offer discounts on repeat orders through their Subscribe & Save plan.


  • USDA Organic
  • Vegan and made without gelatin
  • Third-party lab-tested
  • Naturally flavored


  • The sugar coating may be too sweet for some customers


  • CBD type: Full spectrum CBD
  • Sizing: 30 gummies/container
  • Strength: 10 mg/gummy, 25 mg/gummy, 50 mg/gummy
  • Flavor: Watermelon, Berry, Peach

Find out more at Cornbread Hemp

4. Best For Evening Anxiety: Budpop Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

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How Well It Works:

Do you often lie awake at night, feeling anxious? Maybe you struggle with insomnia, or perhaps you wake up still feeling tired. We suggest trying Budpop Full Spectrum CBD Gummies in any of these situations. Customers love taking these CBD gummies in the evening so they can sleep through the night and waking up feeling truly rested.

Budpop CBD Gummies are made with high-quality, non-GMO hemp. They are also vegan, and they’ve been lab-tested to ensure their potency and safety. Each gummy contains 25 mg CBD, enough to help most people relax and drift off to sleep.

Several reviewers mention switching from sleep medications to these CBD gummies. They prefer the gummies because they are non-addictive and don’t cause grogginess the next morning. The delicious watermelon flavor is another bonus.

Customers can save by buying three or five bottles of these gummies at a time. Budpop also offers discounts on monthly and bi-weekly deliveries.


  • Vegan and non-GMO
  • Third-party lab-tested
  • Made in the U.S.


  • Only available in one flavor


  • CBD type: Full spectrum CBD
  • Sizing: 30 gummies/container
  • Strength: 25 mg/gummy
  • Flavor: Watermelon

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5. Best Tasting: Soul CBD Gummies

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How Well It Works:

If you take CBD gummies for anxiety daily, you may want to change flavors now and then to keep things interesting. Soul CBD Gummies make this easy since they come in 10 incredible flavors. There are tart options, like Seriously Sour, and sweeter options, such as Rocket Pop. You can even enjoy a tropical vibe with Pineapple Mango, or Pina Colada. Since they are made with CBD isolate, these gummies have little to no hemp taste.

These CBD gummies have more going for them than just taste. They are also vegan, organic, and gluten-free, which makes them suitable for many diets. Since they contain zero THC, they won’t make you feel too groggy if you take them in the morning.

These gummies get great reviews from customers with anxiety disorders, including OCD and SAD. Reviewers say taking these CBD gummies for anxiety helps take the edge off their symptoms. Some use them as a supplement to therapy.

Soul offers discounts through their Subscribe & Save plan. Subscribe & Save customers can choose how often to have their gummies delivered. For additional savings and perks, consider joining the Soul Rewards program.


  • THC-free
  • Flavored and colored with natural ingredients
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Little to no hemp taste


  • 10 mg formula isn’t available in all flavors


  • CBD type: CBD isolate
  • Sizing: 30 gummies/container
  • Strength: 10 mg/gummy, 25 mg/per gummy
  • Flavor: Raspberry, Pineapple Mango, Strawberry, Orange Cream, Pina Colada, Seriously Sour, Mystery Flavor, Passion Fruit, Rocket Pop, Sex on the Beach

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How We Picked The Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety

CBD gummies for anxiety have become so popular that the list of companies making them is continually growing. This did not make our job any easier; it meant we had lots of gummies to test and review. We began by eliminating any CBD gummies that were not lab-tested. Lab testing is necessary to ensure CBD gummies are free from potential contaminants and verify their CBD potency.

Once we had a shorter list of lab-tested gummies, our testers ranked them based on the following criteria.

Effects and Experience

Since our goal was to recommend CBD gummies for anxiety, we opted for formulas that made us feel relaxed, at ease, and comfortable. We also read numerous reviews to ensure that other customers reported the same effects from the gummies. Furthermore, we tried to choose gummies with some variety in their effects. For example, some of the gummies recommended here are more sleep-inducing and, therefore, better for evening anxiety, while others are more suitable for daytime use.

Ingredient Quality and Transparency

Customers often choose CBD gummies for anxiety because they are a safe, natural remedy. But that can only be true if the other ingredients in the gummies are also safe. So, we only chose CBD gummies with full ingredient lists on the label. We preferred gummies made with organic hemp, along with those that were vegan and non-GMO. As an added bonus, these qualities make CBD gummies more suitable for those with particular dietary needs.

Company Reputation and Policies

With so many players in the CBD industry, it was important to do our research before recommending a particular CBD gummy brand. We read about each brand featured here. These brands offer great customer service and go to great lengths to create pure, delicious, effective CBD products.

How To Find The Right CBD Gummies for Your Anxiety Symptoms

Some people love the first CBD gummy formula they try, and others have to sample a few products before they find one they love. Here are some tips to help you choose the best CBD gummies for anxiety.

Choose a Flavor You Love

One advantage of consuming CBD gummies instead of CBD oil and other CBD products is the flavor. CBD gummies taste like candy, so pick a flavor you love so you can enjoy the experience of taking them. Some CBD gummy brands come in just one flavor. Other brands come in multiple flavors. If you take CBD daily and like to change things up, a brand with multiple flavors is likely your best bet.

Keep in mind that full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD gummies tend to have more of a hemp taste than those made with isolated CBD. This is because full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD contains flavorful hemp terpenes. If you want to avoid hemp taste altogether, look for gummies made with isolated CBD. Also, note that berry and citrus flavors pair well with natural hemp’s flavor. So, those are the top flavors to consider if you opt for full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD gummies.

Pay Attention to Potency

CBD potency refers to the amount of CBD a gummy contains. For example, one brand may contain 25 mg CBD per gummy, while another contains 10 mg.

If you’re new to using CBD for anxiety, then focus on less-potent products. This way, you can take a full gummy without worrying too much. If you find you’re having to take multiple low-potency gummies to manage your anxiety, then you can buy a stronger brand next time around.

The potency you choose should also depend on the severity of your symptoms. For instance, if you struggle with serious anxiety symptoms such as panic attacks, you’ll probably want a stronger CBD gummy than someone who is using gummies for mild stress.

Read the Instructions

Read the instructions to ensure you can take the CBD gummies as recommended. If the instructions tell you to take the gummies with a meal, consider whether this fits your planned dosing schedule. The best CBD gummies are ones that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Check the Other Ingredients

Read the ingredients list to see what the gummies contain other than CBD. Most CBD gummies are made with either pectin or gelatin as a thickener. While gelatin makes for a nice texture, it is an animal product. So, if you follow a vegan diet, you’ll want to opt for gummies made with pectin, not gelatin. Luckily, plenty of pectin-based, vegan CBD gummies are on the market.

Also, check whether the gummies contain other active ingredients besides CBD. Some gummies designed for pain relief may, for example, contain turmeric for added inflammation relief. If you struggle with pain in conjunction with anxiety, these may be a good choice. Some gummies intended for evening use contain other relaxing herbs, such as chamomile or valerian root. If you take gummies before bed, you may prefer one of these formulas.

Investigate the Effects

Some CBD gummies can have slightly different effects than others. For instance, if one gummy contains full spectrum CBD, it may be more relaxing than another gummy made with pure CBD. As such, it is a good idea to read some reviews before picking CBD gummies to purchase.

Look for gummies that get good reviews from customers who have anxiety symptoms similar to your own. For instance, if your main symptom is insomnia, look for gummies that customers say help them fall asleep at night. If your primary symptom is racing thoughts, look for gummies that reviewers say quiet their minds.

Review Lab Reports

You should only ever buy CBD gummies that are lab-tested. There are two types of lab testing done by companies that make the best CBD gummies. The first is a test for cannabinoid levels. This type of test shows you how much CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids the product contains. The second is a test of purity or safety. This type of test assesses whether the gummies contain bacteria, heavy metals, pesticide residues, or other potentially harmful substances.

If CBD gummies have been lab tested, you’ll usually see this indicated on the label and in the product description. It’s a good idea to also review the lab reports, often called Certificates of Analysis. Ensure these reports show that the CBD gummies are contaminant-free and contain as much CBD as listed on the bottle.

Learn About the Company

Take a little time to read about the company you’re buying from. Most companies have an “About Us” page on their website, which is a good place to start. Ideally, you want to buy from a company with a good guarantee and shipping policies. If the company is a member of various hemp advocacy organizations, that’s also a good sign. Also, check whether they offer any discounts you can apply to your order. If you’re a veteran or a first responder, some CBD gummy companies may give you a discount. You can often save by signing up for the company’s rewards program.

Types of CBD Gummies

There are three main types of CBD gummies being sold today. They differ based on the type of CBD they’re made with.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is just CBD that has been isolated from all other compounds in hemp. In other words, it is only CBD. Some of the best CBD gummies for daytime use are made with isolated CBD. They tend to be less potent than those made with full or broad-spectrum CBD. Another advantage of pure CBD is that it has almost no hemp taste. If you find other CBD gummies too hempy, try ones made with pure CBD instead.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD is more than just CBD. It also contains other substances extracted from the hemp plant. Some of these substances are other cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBN. These other cannabinoids have their benefits, and many of them can also help ease anxiety, promote relaxation, and reduce stress. Full-spectrum CBD also contains traces of THC. At this low concentration, THC can enhance the relaxing effects of CBD without making you feel high. However, traces of THC can make some people feel overly tired, so you may want to save full-spectrum CBD gummies for the evening hours.

The other compounds found in full-spectrum CBD are terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants, including hemp. Terpenes are the substances that give hemp its characteristic taste and scent. Some also have health benefits. For example, pinene and linalool are two hemp terpenes that can help reduce inflammation and protect the nervous system. If you don’t mind the flavor of terpenes, a high-terpene gummy can be a great choice for anxiety management.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD also contains terpenes and minor cannabinoids, but it does not contain THC. As such, broad-spectrum CBD gummies can be some of the best CBD gummies for anxiety that occurs in the daytime. They deliver noticeable relief from many symptoms without making you feel too tired.

Other Types of CBD Products

While many people who use CBD for anxiety are happy with gummies, other CBD products may be a better fit in some cases. Here are four other products to consider as you shop for CBD.


CBD oil is very popular, with almost every CBD brand making its own version. In its most basic form, CBD oil is CBD blended into a carrier oil, which is most often MCT oil or hemp seed oil. Some brands contain other ingredients, such as flavorings or herbal extracts.

CBD oil is usually taken orally. You measure your chosen dose into a dropper or syringe and place it beneath your tongue. This approach allows the CBD to be rapidly absorbed through the thin skin in this area. So, you start feeling relief much sooner than if you were to directly swallow the CBD oil.

One benefit of CBD oil is its simple formula. Most brands don’t contain sugar, pectin, syrups, or the other ingredients in most CBD gummies. As such, CBD oil can be a good choice if you have a lot of food sensitivities or prefer to avoid sugar in your diet.

Another benefit of CBD oil is the ease with which you can vary your dose. For instance, you can easily draw up 0.75 mL one day and 0.5 mL the next.

The downside to CBD oil is its flavor. While some brands add flavors to their CBD oil, natural CBD oils taste strongly of hemp, which some customers find unappealing. It’s also easy to make a mess if you knock the bottle over or spill the oil.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are gelatin or vegetable cellulose capsules that contain CBD oil. They offer many of the same benefits as CBD oil but with fewer drawbacks. You don’t have to worry about spilling them, and you don’t taste the contents.

The only challenge with CBD capsules is that you can’t alter your dose very easily. You can take two capsules if you need a stronger dose, but you can’t easily divide a capsule in half.

CBD Vape Pens

CBD vape pens heat a liquid CBD solution, transforming it into a vapor you can inhale. Once you breathe the CBD vapor into your lungs, it is absorbed into the thin capillaries lining your lungs. Then, it can circulate through your body and have various effects, including pain relief and anxiety relief.

One advantage of CBD vape pens is how quickly the effects come on. CBD gummies can take an hour or longer to kick in, but CBD vapor starts working within minutes. This makes vape pens a good choice for managing immediate, in-the-moment anxiety symptoms. Some people find that if they vape CBD when they start feeling anxious, they can stop a panic attack from developing.

CBD vape pens come in many different flavors. There are also natural vapes that contain nothing but hemp extract. Vapor tends to be much easier on the respiratory tract than hemp smoke. So, if you’ve been smoking hemp to manage your anxiety, you may want to consider vaping instead.

Of course, CBD vape pens are hard to use inconspicuously. If you don’t want those around you to know that you’re taking CBD, then you may prefer gummies or capsules to a vape pen.

CBD Creams

CBD can be absorbed through the skin. As such, some CBD companies are making topical CBD products, such as CBD creams and lotions. These are usually marketed as remedies for arthritis and joint pain. However, they can also have a calming effect and may help ease anxiety symptoms.

Some people enjoy applying CBD cream after a shower but before crawling into bed at night. The ritual of this routine, along with the calming effects of CBD, is excellent for easing insomnia and making sleep more productive.

CBD Drinks

CBD drinks are becoming quite common. Some companies make CBD-infused coffee and tea. Others make CBD soda. These products are a good choice if you want to integrate CBD seamlessly into your lifestyle. For example, you can replace your normal coffee with CBD coffee and enjoy some anxiety relief every morning. Or, you can drink a CBD soda instead of an alcoholic beverage at a party to help ease social anxiety without the side effects of alcohol.

The downside to CBD drinks is that they take a bit longer to consume than gummies, CBD oil, or CBD capsules. So, most people end up enjoying these infused drinks on special occasions and using other CBD products for daily relief.

Potential Side Effects of CBD Gummies

You’re unlikely to experience any side effects from CBD gummies. If you notice side effects, they should pass as soon as the CBD wears off. The most common side effects of CBD gummies include:

  • Tiredness
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea

If you notice side effects, that does not necessarily mean you need to stop using CBD gummies. If they are easing your anxiety symptoms, there are often ways to tweak your regimen to minimize side effects and maximize benefits.

First, try taking a smaller dose. For instance, if you notice side effects when taking 30 mg CBD, try taking 15 mg instead. If that does not work, try switching from full or broad-spectrum CBD gummies to a brand made with pure CBD. In some cases, the side effects are due to hemp terpenes or other cannabinoids, and pure CBD gummies do not contain either of these other substances.

If you’re getting nausea after using CBD gummies, try taking them with a snack or meal. Make sure you chew them thoroughly, too.


Will CBD gummies make me high?

No, CBD gummies will not make you feel high. CBD is not an intoxicating substance. You may notice that the package label says your CBD gummies contain THC. However, the small traces of THC found in some CBD gummies are still not enough to make you feel high.

How many CBD gummies should I take?

Check the label on your CBD gummies to see how many the manufacturer recommends taking. Most CBD gummies are formulated so that a single gummy is one dose. However, there are exceptions. For some brands, the standard dose is two gummies.

Note that it is perfectly okay to take less CBD than recommended on the label. Some people are more sensitive to CBD than others and do best with a lower dose. If you’ve never taken CBD before, or if you know you’re sensitive to CBD, start by taking just half a gummy. You can easily divide most gummies in half with a butter knife. Pay attention to your feelings, and adjust your CBD gummy dosage accordingly.

Is CBD legal?

Yes, CBD is legal on the federal level. In 2018, Congress passed a piece of legislation called the Farm Bill. This made it legal to grow hemp containing less than 0.3% THC. CBD products are legal as long as they are made from hemp that complies with these regulations.

Are CBD gummies safe?

CBD itself is widely accepted as safe. It rarely causes side effects; when they occur, they are short-lived and relatively minor. There are, however, some people who should not take CBD. This includes women who are pregnant and nursing. Whether or not CBD is safe for pregnant and nursing women has yet to be determined, so most experts err on the side of caution and recommend avoiding it.

CBD gummies are safe as long as they are made with safe ingredients. Make sure you only buy lab-tested gummies. The testing ensures the gummies don’t contain any potentially harmful contaminants, such as mold spores, bacteria, or heavy metals. Testing also ensures the gummies contain a safe amount of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids.

Are CBD gummies addictive?

No, CBD is not known to be addictive. You may want to eat CBD gummies again and again because they taste good and help reduce your anxiety. However, you do not need to worry about becoming addicted to them.

How fast do CBD gummies work?

After you chew and swallow a CBD gummy, you should start to notice a reduction in symptoms within 30 to 60 minutes. This is because CBD takes a while to pass into your intestines and bloodstream. If you want faster relief from anxiety, try vaping CBD instead. People feel the effects of CBD vapor within minutes since CBD is absorbed through the lungs faster than through the digestive tract.


If you want to try CBD gummies for anxiety, we suggest starting with one of the top five brands recommended above. Whether you struggle with sweaty palms, insomnia, social anxiety, or other symptoms, CBD can give you the natural relief you desire. Gummies deliver that relief in a tasty, fruity, chewy package. We wish you well on your journey and are confident you’ll enjoy the benefits of this incredible hemp-derived substance.

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