Fashion Week in Paris is terminé. And while you’re checking out the new talent in Chicago—and perhaps still trying to process the colorful surreality at Vuitton (I know I am)—I’d like to offer a postscript or two.


On Monday, I chatted with Rich and Phil, the guys behind the new label Rodnik. If the retailers picking them up are any indication (ikram and Barney’s for this season), these guys have got chops. And also humor, as shown on their super funny website and as witnessed firsthand by anyone who happened to visit the courtyard of the Commes des Garcons store Monday afternoon, where the guys staged a sort of gonzo concert—until they were cut short for noise violation.

When I asked why Colette was crossed from their banner (which read, in typical mock self-aggrandizing form “Rodnik World Tour ’07”), they shrugged and said, “We got canceled. We were also supposed to play at Paris Paris, but got canceled there, too. It’s okay, though, we basically sing like crap.”

At least the clothes are good.

Les Cravates Rouges

The Cravates Rouges are the adorable Fashion Week security folk. They’re called the “Red Ties” because they always wear suits with, well, red ties. Check out this group I spied on the metro, running from one show to another.

At Givenchy, I was standing next to the photographers’ pit, when I noticed a nearby security guy, but his tie wasn’t red, it was black. “Why no red tie?” I asked.

“Sometimes the fashion houses, they ask us to wear something different,” he said, “like at YSL last season, we had to wear head-to-toe Saint Laurent. And makeup.”

“No!” I gasped.

“Oh yes,” he said.

The whole thing reminded me of that funny Kathy Griffin sketch where she recounts how Barbara Streisand went on Oprah wearing all ivory, from her suit to her shoes, and even made sure that her microphone was painted ivory. Super control!

Anyway, I ran into one of the Cravates Rouges from the metro later at Lanvin, and just had to take his picture. The security were all dressed to look like mini Alber’s. Very cute.


What Stacey and I wore

Some anonymous commenter, bless their curious heart, had this to say about my Sting post: “Trudie is wearing a beret, what are YOU wearing?” You’ll be bored! I promise!

But I wound up going with my tried-and-true black skinny pants and a 3.1 Philip Lim blazer several times throughout the week. One notable exception? Wednesday, where—unplanned—Stacey and I both cut loose, showing up in colorful ensembles. Perhaps a reaction to all of the color bombarding us on the spring runways?

Great minds go color-alike?

Most often, though, we could be found doing the black thing, like here, outside of Givenchy.