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Learn how to give your critter a luxurious massage, find the least chaotic dog parks, create a lizard paradise, and more.
Photograph: Jason Little
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Seven Starter Pets, Ranked

Kids not ready for a dog or cat? Kayla Strauss, owner of the Looking Glass Pet Shop in Evanston, gives the lowdown on these popular alternatives.

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Pros Doesn’t need interaction; lives in a small tank; can perform tricks. “My sister taught hers how to do flips using food sticks.”
Cons It’s a monster — prone to killing other bettas.


Pros Easily handled if you want to touch a snake, but isn’t needy
Cons Eats mice, “which you have to thaw out like a dinner steak”; escape artist


Pros Small enough that tykes can handle; fun because it likes to climb
Cons Tends to bite (but its teeth are tiny); speedy and can run away; smells bad. “I’ve only met a few I like, and they were older.”


Pros Easily trained to use a litterbox; cuddles up like a cat. “I had five of them, all at once, all in one bedroom. They were great, if you don’t count them eating the linoleum tile.”
Cons Chews things (see above); requires constant attention


Pros Lots of personality; will “talk” and sing
Cons May also scream; very sensitive to vibrations, fumes, temperature, you name it


Pros Cool to feed and watch swim; low daily maintenance
Cons Needs a large space with weekly water changes; lives 20 to 30 years. “My mom gave mine away because it was a lot more work than we expected.”


Pros Eats cat kibble; big personality
Cons Poops a lot, so cage must be spot-cleaned daily; runs many, many miles a night on a hamster wheel, which is noisy

Illustration by Colin Hayes


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