1 The columns

“It’s such a big, open space, so we needed texture to keep things feeling warm. The upper parts of the columns are white oak, layered to appear woven. The chevron motif works for classic designs.”

2 The open kitchen

“When Embeya, which I also designed, was in this space, the kitchen was already open, so for Bellemore we expanded it and gave it a window that looks into a private dining room. We put high-gloss blue-painted wood around it to make it feel almost like an old French kitchen.”

3 The bar

“We gave this gorgeous, high-end quartzite some edging to add to the classic feel. That’s almost never done anymore because it’s so expensive.”

4 The tile work

“Blending two colors of marble tile creates a look that’s classic but not old-fashioned. I wanted there to be a little twist.”

5 The inspiration

“When you hear the name Bellemore, you think ‘mansion.’ So the story I developed in my head was that of a mansion, but one where the grandkids have moved in. To brighten things up, we worked with various shades of white, then added classics—deep blue, deep red. And since it’s the grandkids’ mansion, too, pink.”

6 The lighting

“I like to layer lighting vertically so it’s not all coming from the ceiling. The chandeliers were inspired by a 1964 fixture I’ve always liked but is not being produced anymore, so we had a replica custom-made in California.”