Above, top left:The Potato ‘Nator

The father-son duo of Agostino and Tony Fiasche first gained acclaim with Nduja Artisans, a suburban salumeria whose exquisite dry-cured meat has graced the menus of many of Chicago’s top restaurants. So it makes sense that the rustic West Town deli they opened last year is the finest sandwich shop Chicago has seen in ages. Its compact menu—just seven or so sandwiches at a time, plus charcuterie boards and luscious housemade gelato—plays to their artisanal strengths, and every item is presented with gusto (a fact that becomes evident when your cashier starts gleefully feeding you sausage samples). Take, for instance, the Dante: In Tempesta’s answer to an Italian sub, soppressata, finocchiona, porchetta, and other meats are stuffed into a baguette to create a muscular combination of salt, fat, and crunch. There aren’t many places where a little more than $10 buys you this much happiness.

Don’t miss:The Southside Johnny ($13), a mix of porchetta, Brun-uusto cheese, and Broccolini with a sidecar of rosemary pork jus.