Seasonal panna cotta
Seasonal panna cotta Photo: Jeff Marini

Chef Trevor Teich’s beloved pop-up BYO has moved from a rented space on the West Side to a rented conference room in a West Loop skyscraper, so it’s still kind of a pop-up. But what a pop-up it is. Teich offers a 10-course menu ($185) full of great backstories, which the servers recount as if they’re sharing family folklore. For instance, there’s Snails in the Woods, a procession of shaved truffles, tempura escargots, pine meringues, flowers, and a spongy green moss biscuit, all of it an homage to the foraged treasures Teich would bring home from the woods behind his childhood home in suburban Northfield. Each dish is the product of cool precision and painstaking labor — producing the consommé for the Pot-au-Pho is an eight-day process — and yet, all of Teich's food radiates warmth.

UPDATE:Claudia remains closed with no plans for carryout food, but chef Trevor Teich has been posting about dishes he’s been working on while his restaurant is closed, so keep an eye on his Instagram for what you can try soon.