Aloo gobi pizza
Aloo gobi pizza Photos: Jeff Marini

If there's one dish you've heard about at Superkhana, the best and most irreverent of a new crop of modern Indian restaurants, it’s probably the Butter Chicken Supreme. A calzone nearly the size of a football, it releases a rich, creamy curry when you cut into it, and every table seems to order one. Have it on your first visit, but dive deeper into the menu on your return. Chefs Zeeshan Shah and Yoshi Yamada, who collaborated with Lula Cafe’s Jason Hammel, have an exceptional flair for vegetarian dishes, which make up the majority of the offbeat offerings: a Little Gem salad with mango powder ranch dressing; aloo gobi pizza; French Fry Manchurian, fries drizzled with aïoli and a tangy sauce made with soy, ketchup, and ginger. The menu changes constantly, but one fixture — a tiny saffron ice cream sandwich — appears to have earned a permanent residency.

Zeeshan Shah and Yoshi Yamada, Butter Chicken Supreme
Zeeshan Shah and Yoshi Yamada; Butter Chicken Supreme

Update:Superkhana International plans to reopen for carryout and chef-made grocery items later this month. Expect meal kits like a dal, tamarind chutney, and other Indian pantry items, and bottled beverages like iced chai.