Honey Cake at Bazaar Meat

This suave take on a Ukrainian honey cake combines grapefruit, crunchy bits of honeycomb candy, and Campari-tinged sorbet for an exquisite play on bitter and sweet flavors. $12

Dutch Baby at Pompette

This old-timey breakfast treat arrives hot from the oven with its high sides hugging a center of crunchy granola, roasted strawberries, and crème fraîche, delivering pops of flavor and waves of comfort. $15

Cinnamon Roll at Roux

“Bodacious” is the only word to describe this enormous, warm square of love dripping with a fresh application of cream cheese glaze. You could share it … $7

Black-Marble Pavlova at Valhalla

Tatum Sinclair’s signature dessert looks like a marble plinth from antiquity but busts open to reveal an incredible array of frozen confections, making it a wonder of the modern world. $18

Oatmeal Cream Pie at Loaf Lounge

Featured in Hulu’s The Bear, Sarah Mispagel-Lustbader’s chocolate cake gets all the attention, but her sleeper hit is this nostalgic sandwich cookie that’ll get your inner Little Debbie up and cheering. $4