…with commentary from Emily Spurlin (right), pastry chef at Bad Hunter


1. Seedling Farms

“Seedling farmer Peter Klein’s berries are consistently juicy, tart, and lovely.” $6 a pint. Green City Market, 1817 N. Clark St., greencitymarket.org

Malted Milk Balls

2. Blommer Chocolate Company

“These add a great textural element to the sundae. Plus, I’ve lived and worked near the Blommer factory for years, so I appreciate the heavenly chocolate smell every time I walk out the door.” $6.50 a pound. 600 W. Kinzie St., blommer.com


Ice Cream

3. Doughnut Flavor from the Publican

“The Publican’s pastry chef, Dana Cree, is incredibly knowledgeable about the science of ice cream. If you’ve read her book, Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream, you know what I mean. Her doughnut one is super custardy.” $10 a pint. Publican Quality Meats, 825 W. Fulton Market, publicanqualitymeats.com


4. Malted Vanilla from Black Dog Gelato

“Black Dog’s malted vanilla is executed perfectly. It’s always the right texture—smooth and never too hard.” $8.75 a pint. 859 N. Damen Ave. and Revival Food Hall, 125 S. Clark St., blackdogchicago.com


5. Quantum from Metric Coffee

“A barista friend clued me in on this blend: It’s so well rounded and has a sweet, desserty flavor. A shot of it poured over the top makes a great complement to ice cream.” $15 for 12 ounces. 2021 W. Fulton St., metriccoffee.com


6. Hot Fudge Glazed from Hot-Chocolate Bakery

“Mindy Segal’s fluffy little brioche doughnuts are never too heavy or dense. I consider her the queen of hot fudge. Also, look at how cute they are.” $2.50 each. Revival Food Hall, 125 S. Clark St., revivalfoodhall.com