Custom planter
Custom Planters

Kimball & Bean

The elegant bespoke garden boxes handmade by Beau and Nancy Kimball are near-perfect replicas of those that once adorned the grounds of the Château de Versailles. From $725.

Sculptural shrub
Photo: Martha Williams
Sculptural Shrubs

Pasquesi Home and Gardens

This store’s impressive selection of boxwoods—ultrahardy and densely foliated—range in height from one foot (for an understated garden accent) to more than three feet (for a handsome little hedge). Shape them any way you like. From $20. 990 W. Northwest Hwy., Barrington,

DIY Wildflower Meadow

Modern Sprout Pollinator Push Garden

Talk about a garden party. With a push of the handle, these clever canisters (think frozen Push-Up pops) sprinkle seeds for a variety of wildflowers—purple coneflower, black-eyed Susan, bergamot, China aster, and more. Give ’em a pop spring, summer, or fall, and within 31 days you’ll have a plenitude of sprouts designed to attract pollinators such as monarchs, honeybees, and hummingbirds. $18 for a pack of three.

Wind chimes
Photo: Martha Williams
Wind Chimes

The Back Porch

Thirteen years ago, Sal Guadagna kicked off his retirement by growing a ponytail and opening—yes—a wind chimes store. He sells Cubs-themed ones, hand-tuned Corinthian ones, and hundreds of others. You’ll make beautiful music together. From $15. 205 Robert Parker Coffin Rd., Long Grove, 847-793-0771

Starter beehive
Photo: Ratko Radojcic
Starter Beehive

Belmont Feed & Seed

Creating an apiary is easy! This Avondale store sells hives, protective gear, smokers, even bee medications—and, lest we forget, live bees. 3036 W. Belmont Ave.,