Chicago is known for restaurants that offer ultrapremium dining experiences, no expenses spared. Everyone has their No. 1 pick — places like Alinea, Smyth, or Ever that promise meals you’ll never forget. For us, it’s Oriole. An evening here brims with warmth, fun, surprises, aesthetic marvels, and moments of toe-curling deliciousness. It’s also a journey, figuratively and physically, through this magical space. The experience begins with sashimi and a complex nonalcoholic cocktail at the bar, moves to a counter in front of the kitchen where you eat foie gras on brioche toast with your fingers, and ends at your table. There, it’s a dream. Think melting sablefish topped with the poppiest, most lustrous caviar; fresh capellini in a yeast cream with truffle; insanely flavorful squab with fermented black bean; and an icy lemon rosemary dessert that washes over your palate with waves of flavor. Service deftly toggles between friendly and invisible, as needed. You can float out afterward or, if you want to linger in a more casual setting, have a drink at the bar.