For a hot second we were peeved with chef Zachary Engel and manager Andrés Clavero, Galit’s co-owners, when they transitioned the menu from à la carte to an all-in prix fixe experience. Yet we soon saw it made perfect sense because what is a proper Levantine meal if not a feast? It begins with a rousing sight: pitas hot from the oven and inflated like beach balls. You tear a piece to dip into the creamiest possible hummus, which may come topped with stewed chickpeas or cinnamon-scented brisket falling into shreds. Then it’s the happy clatter of salads and meze filling every square inch of the table: pickles and dips, foie spread on challah, Iraqi lamb kibbeh, and glazed carrots with mild sheep feta. Make room for coal-grilled lamb or lobster, or perhaps some mushroom souvlaki. Finish with beautiful Middle Eastern pastry, strong coffee, and a feeling of utter satisfaction.