Everyone needs to have a restaurant in their back pocket where anyone they might bring with them will feel comfortable, where reservations don’t require you repeatedly refreshing your browser at midnight a week in advance, and where the food is unfailingly delicious. Avec is ours. It may have just turned 21, but the restaurant, now under the guidance of chef de cuisine Dylan Patel, still serves Mediterranean plates as fresh as when it opened. If you love hummus, the varieties here come with seasonal toppings — like spring peas, carrots, and feta or short rib with sumac — and are creamy and fresh, with hot pitas to scoop it up. The slow-roasted pork shoulder with braised collard greens, smoked yogurt, black-eyed peas, and Fresno chile is a soul-warming dish. Don’t sleep on lunch, either, when you can get a pita stuffed with yogurt-marinated chicken, fermented chile sauce, garlic toum, and bread-and-butter pickles, a tasty combo that nails the simplicity Avec so excels at.