You know the phrase “ugly delicious”? That describes most of the food here, and though we’d love to be able to find one decent picture for Instagram, we are happy to order any of the gloppy, sloppy, and wholly original dishes on this Indian street-food-ish menu and just tell you about it. The move here is to go with the kind of group that doesn’t need share plates and serving spoons, and go to town passing, spearing, and snarfing. Get the puffy, oozy palak paneer pizzas, the pav bhaji (thick veggie curry) served over noodles instead of with rolls, the famous butter chicken calzone, a stir-fry of lion’s mane mushrooms and rice cakes, and a sidecar filled with housemade sauces. There’s a decent wine list and some clever cocktails that play with the subcontinental theme, but really, a crisp Bavik Pilsner cuts right through these generously spiced dishes.