The Aviary

The student (onetime ice chef Micah Melton) replaces the master (departed drinks guru Charles Joly). 955 W. Fulton Market,


What good is sitting alone at a bar? Drink at a cabaret. See photos of our weekend visit to the Wicker Park bar. 1721 W. Division St.,

The California Clipper

Because it’s impossible for a Brendan Sodikoff–affiliated place not to make this list. Browse pics of our night at this longstanding Humboldt Park spot. 1002 N. California Ave.,

Geek Bar Beta

Will the official Lincoln Park digs of this nerd haven be just as packed as its practically permanent pop-up in Wicker Park? Check out photos of our excursion to this Wicker Park pop-up. 1941 W. North Ave.,

Tippling Hall

Read our impression of this hot cocktail bar and view pics of the weekend crowd. 646 N. Franklin St., 312-219-8407,