David Griggs on a bike
Photo: Kevin Penczak

As a VP at Northern Trust, David Griggs, 46, wears a suit every day. But that doesn’t stop him from cycling to work in the Loop, no matter the weather or road conditions. “Biking is sustainable and healthy, and it connects me to my inner 8-year-old,” says Griggs, who leads the South Side ride of the monthly communal cycling event Critical Mass. “I don’t like to give that up because it’s winter.”

1. Parka

“When it’s below 25 degrees, I wear a long Eddie Bauer goose down parka. It’s pretty windproof and waterproof, and it covers my thighs, so I don’t need to wear long johns.”

2. Gloves

Griggs wears Pearl Izumi Elite insulated cycling gloves. “I also keep a pair of work gloves from Home Depot in my toolkit so my hands don’t get dirty if I need to make a repair.”

3. Lights

Shorter days make reliable bike lights a must. “One of my Bromptons has a hub dynamo [a small generator], so I don’t have to worry about batteries dying.”

4. Shoes

“I change into loafers at work, but when I’m riding, I wear Clarks Muckers. They’re waterproof ankle shoes.”

5. Fenders

Griggs rides a CTA-friendly Brompton folding bike equipped with full fenders. “That way I don’t get a mud stripe up my back when the weather is messy.”

6. Wheels

“Smaller ones accelerate faster and are more effective in winter when you have to start and stop a lot.” Griggs replaces the original tires with year-round Schwalbe Marathons.

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