If your pooch …

… is queen bee of the dog park

Throw a party at Paradise 4 Paws

Gather her pals for a birthday (or not) bash at this deluxe doggy resort. For up to two hours, they’ll have the run of the play space, which includes an in-ground pool. Just like at a toddler party, attendees depart with a toy-filled gift bag.
From $75. 10516 United Pkwy., Schiller Park

… needs a little, um, firming up

Sign up for FitPaws at Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center

You don’t have to tackle your New Year’s resolution solo: Using specialized equipment, this fitness program focuses on balance, flexibility, and strengthening hips and other areas prone to problems in the golden years.
$180 for six classes. 5400 N. Damen Ave., Bowmanville

Doggy Paddle

… rules the Dog Beach

Take swimming lessons at Doggy Paddle

Frolicking in the lake may be a distant memory, but your pup can still hone his dog paddle with a 30-minute splash in the comfort of an 80-degree pool. All levels are welcome — from those who require a life jacket to the hardcore aquatic fetcher. Should he have any remaining energy to burn, head to the facility’s indoor dog park.
$48 for a weekend session. 1430 W. Willow St., Bucktown

… has an overactive sniffer

Enroll in a nosework class at Hawk City K9

Give his schnoz a workout with what seasoned trainer Stacey Hawk dubs “the newest urban sport for dogs.” Think canine Easter egg hunt: Hawk hides Q-Tips loaded with “target odors,” such as clove, for dogs to track down. The exercise nurtures the pup’s natural love for hunting, builds confidence, and, yep, tuckers him out.
From $200 for six sessions. hawkcityk9.com