Akiem Hicks
On Hicks:Polo beanie, $45, DXL, 113 E. Chicago Ave. Alba suit, Hicks’s own. Rochester bow tie, $28, DXL. New York Accessories scarf, $36, DXL. Polo gloves, $68, DXL. Watch and Thursday boots, Hicks’ own. Photos: Kevin Penczak; Styling by Wyll Knight; Makeup: Laura Weathersby for Mighty Artist Productions; Hair: Megan Schnell; Grooming: Karess Emme Dee/Distinct Artists

“I’ve had experience with cold before moving here, but Chicago’s cold is different. Man, this wind is something serious. I have my own secret recipe that I use during games: There’s a form of Icy Hot that’s not icy and is just strictly hot. I mix that with Vaseline and a skin protector for the cold and lather it all over my body.”

“In 2016, we played the Packers, and it was one of the coldest games in Bears history. In the fourth quarter, Aaron Rodgers threw a 60-yard bomb to seal the game. So not only was I freezing, but we lost. It gets tough when you are playing and your hands are freezing, and sometimes I have to slap on gloves. But if I miss a tackle, I don’t care if it’s negative 10 — I’m taking those gloves off.”

“The best way to keep your outfit together when it’s cold is to have a really nice accent jacket. I got a Canada Goose that changed the game for me. I’m a Johnny Cash fan, so I wear all black anytime I can. My Canada Goose jacket is red, so if I throw on a pair of black jeans and nice shoes, it looks like I actually have an outfit going on.”

Grenson boot
Hand-painted calf leather upgrades a classic hiking style.
Grenson, $360, Nordstrom, 55 E. Grand Ave.


Timberland boot
Roll up the canvas to keep out the wind.
Timberland, $160, Nordstrom


Givenchy shoe
A grippy tread stops slippage.
Givenchy, $825, Saks Fifth Avenue, 700 N. Michigan Ave.
Cheryl Scott
On Scott:Panama hat, $20, Target. Halogen faux fur scarf, $99, Nordstrom. Mittens, $13, Target. Burberry coat, $1,590, Neiman Marcus, 737 N. Michigan Ave. Coach 1941 skirt, $495, Neiman Marcus. Steve Madden boots, $100, Nordstrom.

“I like forecasting for winter weather. But I don’t necessarily like being cold — two totally different things. I definitely remember the winter of 2013–14. It was about a year after I moved here, and it seemed like it was snowing all the time. It turned out to be the coldest on record from December through March.”

“Staying warm is all about layers. I always wear tights under my jeans in the winter, especially if I’m out live in the field. I start with a tank top and tights, and make sure that’s tucked in under all the other layers to try to keep in the heat. I keep hand warmers and foot warmers with me. It’s hard to talk when you’re shivering.”

“I like belts around coats to give a better figure and silhouette, and they also lock in more body heat. I always splurge on one really nice winter coat that I can use for many occasions: Right now it’s a Burberry that I live in. A good coat makes a difference. Make sure it’s heavy, down, and goes below the knees.”

Anthropologie scarf
Asymmetrical patterns work best in neutrals.
$48, Anthropologie, 111 E. Chicago Ave.


Banana Republic scarf
A wool blend adds warmth without bulk.
$68, Banana Republic, 744 N. Michigan Ave.


Zara scarf
Splashes of color brighten an outfit.
$36, Zara, 700 N. Michigan Ave.