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Photograph: Flint Chaney

1 The Vosges Chocolate Truffle Mocha

at Fairgrounds Cafe

This espresso-chocolate combo gets a dose of decadence when Madagascar vanilla, dark chocolate, and heavy cream enter the equation. A skewered Vosges dulce de leche truffle really drives the point home. $4.99. fairgrounds.cafe for locations

2 The Pistachio AND Rose Latte

at Oromo Cafe

For this riff on Turkish delight, baristas froth pistachio milk and rosewater syrup (both made in-house), pour in a double shot of espresso, and crown the creation with flecks of dried rose petals. $7.95. oromocafechicago.com for locations

3 The Marshmallow Latte

at Big Shoulders Coffee

A torched-to-order jumbo marshmallow rests atop this menu mainstay, imparting a smoky, roasty flavor to the vanilla-bean-infused latte beneath. $3.75. bigshoulderscoffee.com for locations

4 The Ghostly Trio

at the Wormhole

It’s got smooth, buttery caramel and savory notes of white miso and black sesame, and it jibes perfectly with Wormhole’s nostalgic kitsch: The name refers to Casper the Friendly Ghost’s three uncles. $4.97. 1462 N. Milwaukee Ave., Wicker Park

5 The Xocolatte

at Back of the Yards Coffeehouse

Rich housemade ganache, cinnamon, and ancho chile powder come together for a Mexican-inspired mocha that gives your sinuses a punch. $3.75. 2059 W. 47th St., Back of the Yards