Photograph: Courtesy of Chicago Bean Scene

Chicago Bean Scene

Ideal for Wandering coffee shop surfers
If your pre-COVID days were spent checking out a different local coffee joint each week, Chicago Bean Scene lets you continue that dabbling. The company curates selections from nearly 20 local roasters and assembles a box with four samples (roughly 16 cups of coffee) so you can try out the beans before you commit to a full bag. $114 for six months.

Backlot Coffee

Ideal for Daily caffeinators ready for a steady relationship
The Evanston roaster will ship you a 12-ounce bag of its medium-roast Flying Squirrel blend the first Monday of every month, so you never have to think about where your morning caffeine is coming from. $195 a year.


Ideal for Espresso-heads
Intelligentsia offers an array of subscription choices, but only a few roasters offer espresso. The Black Cat is sweet with chocolate and cherry notes, and you can customize the size and shipping frequency. From $15.

Metric Coffee

Ideal for People who can’t make decisions until they’ve had their coffee
Choose your favorite Metric coffee or save yourself the decision making: Select your grind and frequency, then pick “roaster’s choice.” You’ll get to try an array of beans, including a few off-menu picks. From $16.

Sparrow Coffee

Ideal for Elevating your home coffee game
The city’s best restaurants, like Alinea, work with Sparrow to create custom blends, and you can have that Michelin-star-level coffee at home. Sparrow will deliver bags of single-origin beans along with detailed tasting notes. From $16.50.

Chicago French Press

Ideal for People who keep three flavors of creamer in the fridge
Kris Christian grinds dried fruits, chocolate, and nuts along with coffee beans to make her blends. The subscription includes a fresh flavor each month (think snickerdoodle and maple pecan), in three- or eight-ounce bags, plus a three-ounce surprise flavor. From $10.