Sometimes, the best neighborhood spots blend right in. Such is the case with Grammar on the Near North Side. To find it, look for the A-frame sign in front of the School House, a restored scholastic building with dedicated spaces for pickleball, events, and the labyrinthine Architectural Artifacts. When owner Stuart Grannen moved the antiques shop from its original Ravenswood location, he partnered with Avondale Bowl’s Luke Blahnik and Lula Cafe executive chef Andrew Holladay to open Grammar in May.

While there’s a through line between the dishes Holladay serves at both spots, Grammar is not Lula 2.0 — its menu is broader and more casual, yet still polished. Excellent starters include smoked trout dip with grilled Publican Quality Bread and a salad with seasonal lettuces, herbs, sunflower seeds, and roasted shallot dressing. The Detroit-style pizzas may not have the deeply caramelized crust we crave, but they’re a satisfying centerpiece to a meal. (Try the amatriciana, with Calabrian chile, guanciale, and smoked mozzarella. It’s accompanied by a funky peanut chile crunch and a superlative dill-loaded ranch.)

The drinks are just as fun, with banana-split cold brews from the espresso bar and passionfruit palomas on the all-day cocktail list. The lesson: Grammar is your remote work or lunch spot, or where to say cheers to your antique finds.