Gynecologic Oncology

Jean A. Hurteau

Cervical; ovarian; and uterine cancer; minimally invasive surgery. Evanston. 847-570-2639

John R. Lurain III

Cervical; ovarian; and uterine cancer; gestational trophoblastic disease. Northwestern. 312-695-0990

Ronald K. Potkul

Cervical; ovarian; vaginal; and vulvar cancer. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Gustavo C. Rodriguez

Cancer prevention; early detection of ovarian cancer; ovarian cancer. Evanston. 847-570-2639

Shohreh Shahabi

Ovarian; uterine; and vulvar cancer; hysterectomy alternatives; robotic surgery. Northwestern. 312-587-4322

Medical Oncology

Kathy Albain

Breast and lung cancer; late effects of therapy on cancer survivors; mesothelioma. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Al Bowen Benson III

Colon; gastric; pancreatic; and rectal cancer. Northwestern. 866-687-4322

Jacob David Bitran

Breast and lung cancer; bone marrow transplant. Lutheran. 847-268-8200

Philip David Bonomi

Lung and thymic cancer; thymoma; mesothelioma. Rush. 888-352-7874

Bruce E. Brockstein

Head and neck cancer; sarcoma; melanoma. Evanston. 847-570-2112

Joseph Clark

Head; kidney; and neck cancer; melanoma. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Melody Ann Cobleigh

Breast cancer. Rush. 888-352-7874

Suzanne D. Conzen

Breast cancer; locally advanced breast cancer. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Massimo Cristofanilli

Breast cancer; inflammatory breast cancer. Northwestern. 866-587-4322

Gini F. Fleming

Novel therapies for breast; endometrial; and ovarian cancer. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Ellen R. Gaynor

Bladder; breast; prostate; and testicular cancer. Loyola. 888-584-7888

William J. Gradishar

Breast cancer. Northwestern. 866-687-4322

Philip C. Hoffman

Breast; esophageal; and lung cancer. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Maha H. Hussain

Bladder; genitourinary; and prostate cancer. Northwestern. 866-687-4322

Andrzej Jakubowiak

Multiple myeloma. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Hedy Lee Kindler

Pancreatic cancer; malignant mesothelioma; gastrointestinal stromal tumors. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Olufunmilayo I. Olopade

Aggressive forms of breast cancer; hereditary cancer syndromes; breast cancer in young women; cancer risk assessment. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Jyoti Dinker Patel

Lung cancer; thymic tumors. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Mark J. Ratain

Treatment of advanced solid tumors; drug development. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Jon Morgan Richards

Melanoma. Lutheran. 847-268-8200

Jeffrey A. Sosman

Skin cancer; melanoma; immunotherapy; drug development. Northwestern. 866-687-4322

Radiation Oncology

Ross Allen Abrams

Gastrointestinal cancer; lymphoma; soft tissue sarcoma. Rush. 888-352-7874

Philip Paul Connell

Sarcomas; pediatric sarcomas; thoracic malignancies; radiotherapy. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Bahman Emami

Head; lung; neck; and oral cancer. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Howard J. Halpern

Breast cancer; intensity-modulated radiotherapy; image-guided radiotherapy; brachytherapy. UI Health. 312-996-3631

Daniel James Haraf

Head; lung; and neck cancer; diseases of the esophagus; mediastinal tumors. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Bharat Bhushan Mittal

Head; neck; skin; and thyroid cancer. Northwestern. 312-926-2520

William Small Jr.

Breast; gastrointestinal; and gynecologic cancer; HDR/LDR brachytherapy. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Everett E. Vokes

Head; lung; and neck cancer; mediastinal tumors; hematology. Chicago. 888-824-0200