Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Jean Ricci Goodman

Diabetes in pregnancy; prenatal diagnosis; prenatal ultrasound; high-risk pregnancy. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Arthur F. Haney

Incompetent cervix (transabdominal cerclage). Chicago. 888-824-0200

Michael J. Hussey

Genetic medicine; prenatal diagnosis; multiple gestation; high-risk pregnancy. DuPage and Delnor. 630-933-6091

Scott N. MacGregor

High-risk pregnancy; prematurity prevention; fetal diagnosis and therapy. Evanston. 847-570-2250

Richard K. Silver

High-risk pregnancy; fetal diagnosis and therapy; reproductive immunology. Evanston. 847-570-2860

Michael L. Socol

Diabetes in pregnancy; multiple gestation; premature labor. Northwestern. 312-695-7542

Howard T. Strassner

High-risk pregnancy; amniocentesis; obstetric ultrasound. Rush. 888-352-7874

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Ernst R. Lengyel

Cervical and endometrial cancer; surgical treatment of gynecologic cancers; complex pelvic surgeries. Chicago. 888-824-0200

S. Diane Yamada

Gynecologic oncology; ovarian cancer; gynecologic and genital tract cancers. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Reproductive Endocrinology

Randall Brim Barnes

Infertility (IVF); polycystic ovary syndrome; laparoscopic surgery. Northwestern. 312-695-7269

Laurence Alan Jacobs

Infertility (IVF); polycystic ovary syndrome; endometriosis; obesity. Fertility Centers of Illinois (Buffalo Grove and Hoffman Estates). 888-325-7389

Ralph Romanoff Kazer

Polycystic ovary syndrome; infertility (IVF). Northwestern. 312-695-7269

Edward L. Marut

Infertility (IVF, advanced maternal age); egg and embryo freezing. Highland Park. 847-433-4400

Magdy Peter Milad

Uterine fibroids; endometriosis; tubal ligation reversal. Northwestern. 312-694-6447

Mary Wood Molo

Infertility (IVF); uterine fibroids; fertility preservation in cancer. Rush. 888-352-7874

Humberto Scoccia

Infertility (IVF); polycystic ovary syndrome; hysteroscopic surgery; recurrent miscarriage; fertility preservation. UI Health. 312-355-2634

Mary D. Stephenson

Recurrent pregnancy loss and miscarriage; infertility (IVF); ultrasound. UI Health. 312-996-4322


Kimberly S. Kenton

Pelvic reconstruction; pelvic organ prolapse; urinary incontinence. Northwestern. 312-694-7337

Peter K. Sand

Pelvic prolapse; incontinence. Gurnee. 224-251-2374

Sandra Valaitis

Suburethral slings; complex reconstructive pelvic surgery; robotic surgery; genitourinary fistulae repair; treatment of mesh complications. Chicago. 888-824-0200