Victoria H. Barbosa

Ethnic skin disorders; hair loss; pigmented lesions; acne. Rush. 888-352-7874

Jerome M. Garden

Laser surgery; hemangiomas and birthmarks; facial rejuvenation; Botox therapy. Northwestern. 312-280-0890

Aleksandar L. Krunic

Laser treatment; Mohs micrographic surgery; skin cancer; melanoma. Swedish. 773-907-8454

Amy S. Paller

Genetic skin disorders; immune deficiency (skin disorders); atopic dermatitis; pediatric dermatology. Lurie. 312-227-6060

Arthur R. Rhodes

Melanoma; melanoma risk assessment; melanoma early detection and prevention; pediatric dermatology. Rush. 888-352-7874

Christopher Richard Shea

Skin disorders; hair and nails; melanoma; cutaneous lymphoma; pigmented lesions; dermatopathology. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism

Peter Angelos

Endocrine, thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenocortical cancer. Chicago. 888-824-0200

David A. Ehrmann

Polycystic ovary syndrome; type 2 diabetes; reproductive endocrinology; excessive hair growth; thyroid disease. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Mary Ann Emanuele

Diabetes; osteoporosis; thyroid and parathyroid disorders. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Peter A. Kopp

Thyroid cancer; pituitary and parathyroid disorders; McCune-Albright syndrome. Northwestern. 312-926-6000

Theodore Mazzone

Diabetes; cholesterol and lipid disorders. NorthShore. 847-663-8540

Louis H. Philipson

Monogenic diabetes; type 1 diabetes; complicated type 2 diabetes; pediatric diabetes; hypoglycemia. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Phillip L. Werner

Diabetes; thyroid disorders. Lutheran. 847-318-2400


Michael J. Goldberg

Colon, pancreatic, and rectal cancer; esophageal disorders; esophagogastroduodenoscopy. Evanston. 847-657-1900

Stephen B. Hanauer

Inflammatory bowel disease; Crohn’s disease; ulcerative colitis. Northwestern. 312-695-5620

Peter J. Kahrilas

Esophageal and swallowing disorders; GERD. Northwestern. 312-695-5620

Frank J. Konicek Jr.

Inflammatory bowel disease; Crohn’s disease; liver disease; screening colonoscopy. Swedish. 773-871-4600

Carol E. Semrad

Celiac disease; diarrheal diseases; malabsorption syndromes; nutrition; small bowel endoscopy. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Helen S. Te

Liver diseases; liver transplant; cirrhosis; liver cancer; hepatitis. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Irving Waxman

Interventional endoscopy; pancreato-biliary disease; gastrointestinal oncology; esophageal and pancreatic cancer; Barrett’s esophagus; pancreatitis; gastroenterology. Chicago. 888-824-0200


Amjad Z. Ahmad

Oculoplastic and orbital surgery; cosmetic and reconstructive surgery; eyelid cosmetic and reconstructive surgery; tear duct problems. UI Health. 312-996-6590

Nathalie F. Azar

Pediatric ophthalmology; adult strabismus. UI Health. 312-996-6599

Charles Bouchard

Cataract surgery; keratoconus; comprehensive eye surgery. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Robert S. Feder

Cataract surgery; corneal disease; LASIK refractive surgery; photorefractive keratectomy. Northwestern. 312-908-8152

Gerald Fishman

Inherited retinal disorders; retinitis pigmentosa. The Chicago Lighthouse (1850 W. Roosevelt Rd.). 312-666-1351

James A. Goodwin

Neuro-ophthalmology; optic nerve disorders; neuromuscular disorders; vision problems. UI Health. 312-996-6590

Mark Greenwald

Pediatric ophthalmology; strabismus; retinopathy of prematurity; retinoblastoma. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Seenu M. Hariprasad

Retinal disorders; macular degeneration; diabetic eye disease; retinopathy; retinal detachment. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Thomas John

Cornea transplant; cataract surgery; refractive surgery; intraocular lens replacement. South Suburban. 708-429-2223

Jennifer I. Lim

Retina and vitreous surgery; macular degeneration; diabetic eye disease and retinopathy; retinal detachment. UI Health. 312-996-6660

James F. McDonnell

Pediatric ophthalmology; adult and pediatric strabismus. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Marilyn B. Mets

Pediatric ophthalmology; ophthalmic genetics; strabismus; retinal disorders. Lurie. 312-227-6718

William F. Mieler Jr.

Retina and vitreous surgery; eye tumors; eye cancer; macular disease and degeneration; eye trauma. UI Health. 312-996-6590

Thomas R. Mizen

Neuro-ophthalmology; optic nerve disorders. Rush. 888-352-7874

Allen M. Putterman

Oculoplastic and orbital surgery; cosmetic surgery (face and eyes); thyroid eye disease (Graves’ disease); eyelid cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. St. Joseph. 312-372-2256

Pete Setabutr

Oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery; eyelid cosmetic and reconstructive surgery; orbital diseases; orbital surgery. UI Health. 312-996-9120

Thasarat S. Vajaranant

Glaucoma; cataract surgery. UI Health. 312-413-7500

Nicholas J. Volpe

Neuro-ophthalmology; strabismus. Northwestern. 312-503-0636


Robert W. Bastian

Voice, swallowing, laryngeal, and airway disorders. Good Samaritan. 630-724-1100

Elizabeth Astin Blair

Head, neck, parathyroid, skin, and thyroid cancer; thyroid and parathyroid surgery; salivary gland tumors; skull base tumors; malignant melanoma; voice disorders. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Jacquelynne P. Corey

Nasal, sinus, voice, and sleep disorders; allergies. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Michael Friedman

Sleep disorders, apnea, and snoring; thyroid, parathyroid, and endoscopic sinus surgery; head and neck tumors. Masonic. 312-236-3642

Robert C. Kern

Sinus, taste, smell, and sleep disorders; apnea and snoring; sinus surgery. Northwestern. 312-926-2000

John P. Leonetti

Skull base tumors and surgery; neuro-otology; head and neck cancer; facial paralysis. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Robert M. Naclerio

Sinus disorders and surgery; pediatric otolaryngology; allergic rhinitis; pediatric sinusitis. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Sandeep Samant

Head, neck, thyroid, and parathyroid cancer; head, neck, skull base, endoscopic, thyroid, and parathyroid surgery. Northwestern. 312-926-2000

Gordon J. Siegel

Head and neck cancer; nasal and sinus disorders. Northwestern. 312-926-2000

James Stankiewicz

Endoscopic sinus surgery; rhinosinusitis; nasal and sinus disorders. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Kerstin M. Stenson

Head and neck cancer and surgery; head and neck cancer reconstruction; swallowing and vocal cord disorders. Rush. 888-352-7874

Dean Toriumi

Rhinoplasty; cosmetic surgery (face); reconstructive plastic surgery. UI Health. 312-996-6553

Nancy Young

Cochlear implants; cholesteatoma; hearing disorders; tinnitus; Baha implant. Lurie. 312-227-6230

Pulmonary Disease

Robert Allen Balk

Asthma; cystic fibrosis; respiratory failure; lung injury; acute respiratory distress syndrome. Rush. 888-352-7874

Edward Raymond Garrity Jr.

Transplant medicine (lung); pulmonary vascular disease; cystic fibrosis. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Joanne C. Kirby

Asthma; sleep disorders. Northwestern. 312-695-1800

Kevin L. Kovitz

Interventional pulmonology; lung cancer; critical care medicine; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); emphysema; asthma. UI Health. 312-413-4244

Dean Ernest Schraufnagel

Pulmonary infections; tuberculosis; pulmonary vascular disease; sickle cell disease (lung); pulmonary hypertension. UI Health. 312-996-3300

Michael Richard Silver

Lung cancer; asthma; sarcoidosis. Rush. 888-352-7874

Martin J. Tobin

Mechanical ventilation; COPD. Hines. 708-202-2705


Gregory T. Bales

Pubovaginal sling surgery for female stress incontinence; vaginal surgery for pelvic organ prolapse. Chicago. 888-824-0200

William J. Catalona

Prostate cancer; benign prostate hyperplasia. Northwestern. 312-695-8146

Scott Eggener

Prostate, kidney, and testicular cancer; improving the screening and care of men with prostate cancer. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Robert C. Flanigan

Urologic, prostate, kidney, and bladder cancer. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Gordon R. Gluckman

Prostate and kidney cancer; minimally invasive and robotic surgery. Lutheran. 847-823-3185

Laurence A. Levine

Erectile dysfunction; infertility (male); Peyronie’s disease; prostate disorders. Rush. 888-352-7874

Lawrence S. Ross

Infertility (male); erectile dysfunction; prostate benign disease. UI Health. 312-996-2779

Arieh L. Shalhav

Kidney and prostate cancer; minimally invasive and reconstructive surgery. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Gary D. Steinberg

Bladder, kidney, prostate, and testicular cancer. Chicago. 888-824-0200