Vittoria Incandela, Federal investigator

29 // Federal investigator *
From: Glenview
Lives in: South Loop
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The former Hugo Boss PR girl and daughter of Italian immigrants has lived and traveled all over, including Spain, England, and Peru. Incandela moved back to her native Chicago in 2007 for a marketing gig with the Spanish Trade Commission—and then became a bilingual investigator for the U.S. government.

What’s work like as an investigator? “I love it. We enforce the law and make sure people are protected—I feel really honored to have that job. At home, I never change my channel from Investigation Discovery. I’ll watch the detectives interrogate and I’ll know who’s lying.”

Ever get the itch to move abroad again? “I’m a traveler. But there comes a time when everyone does come home. Maybe down the line I’ll change jobs and live abroad again, but right now I’m here, my family is here, and it’s great.”

On leaving PR: “On paper, it was the greatest job ever. But everything was quid pro quo: I’ll loan you these clothes, you’ll invite me to the soccer game. My friend got the Black Eyed Peas to sing me ‘Happy Birthday.’ All your friends are people you do stuff for; you get along, but there’s no depth to it. I lost myself. My life now—’unglamorous’ is the word. But I don’t miss the old days—I’ve been there and done that, and it’s not that great. And there’s nothing less cool than thinking you’re cool.”

On her search for a Jay-Z clone: “I like guys who have overcome something, not people who have had a perfect life—there’s no struggle there. I’m not saying you have to come from the projects and now you’re president, but I want to know that whatever happens, things are going to be OK because we’re both fighters. I like guys who have some swagger, who are a little more ‘street.’ If they can sing, that’d be great, too.”

On how she spends Saturday mornings: “I volunteer with the YMCA’s Black and Latino Achievers program. I love waking up on Saturdays and getting to hang out with them. We meet in the South Loop and go on field trips all over Chicago. We help them with their college apps, do practice [admission] interviews, and have career clusters where they learn about different jobs. If we don’t remind them about the important things, we’re going to get a bunch of Kim Kardashians.” —E.K.


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