If Eataly, with its clogged aisles of giddy tourists, is Disneyland for food fans, then Baffo, the 65-seat white-tableclothed pasteria downstairs, is the refined counterpart that Euro Disney was meant to be. You’re in for laid-back service, innovative antipasti (pig’s foot Milanese), and, of course, pastas aplenty.

Handmade orecchiette with spicy lamb sausage and a simple pappardelle with meat ragu are the stars of the carb course, which outshines the entrées (and their Disney-inflated prices).

Just as there’s no shame in a second ride on Space Mountain, you could do worse than doubling up on Baffo’s pasta, skipping the secondo, and sneaking out before 11 p.m. to brave the marketplace’s crowds for a scoop of pistachio gelato.

Perfect for: Those who dig carbs, Mario Batali, or both