Loaf Lounge

The players Ben Lustbader and Sarah Mispagel-Lustbader. The chefs left their restaurant gigs (she was the pastry chef at Sepia and Proxi, he was a chef at Giant and Chef’s Special) to go all in on bread and pastries.
The bread Country-style sourdough loaves embellished with gourmet twists like roasted ramps or caramelized onions and Gruyère. Start off with the giardiniera bread, which is rolled in sesame seeds and fennel, or the whole wheat bread with polenta and two types of olives.
How to get it A permanent location is in the works; for now, place orders ($5 for small loaves; $10 for large) on Tock or Toast and pick up at Superkhana International (3059 W. Diversey Ave., Logan Square), or order on DoorDash for delivery.

Ben Lustbader and Sarah Mispagel-Lustbader of Loaf Lounge

Lyman Ave. Bread

The player Tim Giuffi. A chefturned-stay-at-home-dad, the sourdough savant bakes around 75 loaves a week in a makeshift bakery in his Oak Park basement.
The bread Crusty country-style sourdough loaves made with heritage grains, such as Turkey Red, emmer, and einkorn wheats. This bread is so good, he’s got a waitlist.
How to get it Move to Oak Park, or tap a friend who lives there. Giuffi delivers his loaves in a 20-square-block area on a bicycle outfitted with a breadbox. He also offers pick up at his home. A loaf-a-week subscription is $90 for 12 weeks, or $33 for four weeks. Order on Instagram at @lymanavebread.

The Black Bread Company

The players Charles Alexander, Mark Edmond, and Jamel Lewis. Following George Floyd’s death last summer, Edmond pledged to buy from more Black-owned businesses but couldn’t find a Black-owned sliced-bread company. So in February he and his pals from high school launched their own by contracting out of a Midwest bakery.
The bread Old-school sandwich bread, available in white and honey wheat. Both are perfect for a PB&J or grilled cheese.
How to get it The loaves ($4.99) are available at many small area markets, including food co-op Dill Pickle (2746 N. Milwaukee Ave., Logan Square). You can also order at blackbreadco.com.


The player Ian Savas. The former management consultant launched a company to connect subscribers to better bread during the pandemic and teamed up with a local bakery.
The bread Quintessential sourdough, with a chewy crust and tender crumb, baked in an oblong shape that falls somewhere between a country-style loaf and a batard.
How to get it Deliveries are available within Chicago city limits every Saturday: $12.99 a loaf for weekly, biweekly, or monthly subscriptions, or $13.99 for a one-time single-loaf order. Order at breadbx.com.