Photograph: Lucy Hewett

1 Cabernet-Soaked Almond-Cashew Feta

“Almond milk gives the cheese a crumbly texture, which you want for feta. Cashew milk adds fat and the creaminess, while the wine gives it a tannic, grapey flavor.”

2 Smoked Beet Pâté

“There’s a vegan sushi restaurant in San Francisco called Shizen that uses smoked beets on a roll. Since eating there, I’ve been using them on various things. This pâté has a smokiness that’s carried by the earthiness of the beet.”

3 Preserved Lemon Almond-Cashew Ricotta

“One of my favorite flavors. It’s made by aging lemons in their juice with salt and spices. The lemon cuts the richness of the ricotta and gives it a complex flavor of citrus turning floral.”

4 Truffled Cashew Brie

“The key here is really good truffle salt and truffle oil, which I use in the fermented cashew base. That makes this a cheese with a good ‘oozy’ quality. If you left it on a hot counter, it would melt.”

5 45-day Cashew Roquefort

“The cashew milk base is inoculated with Roquefort bacteria spores, then aged in a wine fridge. This creates umami depth, but also some funk.”